Product Listing Guidelines

In our ongoing efforts to be transparent about our operations, we may make changes to these Product Listing Guidelines. You are encouraged to consult these Guidelines periodically to be aware of those changes. Your use of our Website constitutes your acceptance of the Product Listing Guidelines.


Which software categories do we include?

We will only create software categories where:

  • We have a thorough understanding of the product type and the problems they can resolve
  • We know the market place and the products within that market place
  • We have sufficient coverage of the major products to provide users with a practical suite to choose from
  • The category is clearly definable


Which products do we include in our categories?

We include software products on that we would be prepared to purchase and use and where the vendor has agreed to participate in the listing of their product. We spend time with the vendors understanding their products and how they can be used in practice. We then work with the software vendor to create and/or update a listing that is accurate and best reflects the product’s features.
Among the criteria for inclusion are:

  • Our category experts have seen detailed demonstrations
  • It must provide solutions that fit accurately within one of the existing software categories
  • It is a Business-to-Business solution
  • It is a packaged (pre-built / off-the-shelf) solution
  • It must be publicly available and out of Beta testing
  • It is listed as a product by the vendor and supported by that vendor


When do we exclude products?

We will remove software product listings if:

  • That product is not currently being marketed or sold
  • The software vendor is no longer in business
  • The software no longer fits accurately into a software category
  • The vendor requires us to


How do I get products added to this website?

Please contact