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Authority Software provide disclosure management software with XBRL and iXBRL capabilities for all corporations and specialised regulatory reporting software for banks and insurance companies. Authority Software provide regulatory reporting software for corporations, banks, and insurance companies. The Authority Suite by Authority Software is used by 100 companies across the EEA.

The suite (DPM Authority, Report Authority and XML Authority) facilitates:

  • regulatory reporting software for insurance undertakings (Solvency II) and banks/investment firms (CRD IV (COREP/FINREP));
  • Disclosure management software with XBRL and iXBRL capabilities; and
  • XML reporting software (FATCA, AIFMD, CRS, SAF-T, country-by-country, MIFID II and many others)

Vendor Capabilities

In addition to Disclosure Management, Authority Software provides a number of capabilities, including:

DPM Authority provides a single tool to cover all DPM XBRL reporting requirements including EBA CRD IV (COREP/FINREP) reporting and contains a library of taxonomies that covers both European and National Reporting Requirements.

DPM Authority supports Pillar 3 regulatory compliance to a comprehensive range of Regulatory Authorities with extremely efficient taxonomy updates and direct connectors to both Oracle and OneStream systems. Report Authority provides narrative reporting functionality for preparation of the SFCR and RSR. Read more…

XML Authority covers AIFMD, FATCA, CRS, Country by Country, SAF-T, AnaCredit, MiFID II and many others where a published schema is made available.

The Authority Software suite supports iXBRL financial statement reporting that can be used to meet the mandates of ESMA’s ESEF (European Single Electronic Format), UK HMRC, Irish Revenue, Danish Business Authority and South Africa’s CIPC. Read more…

Report Authority

by Authority Software
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Key Features

Product Description

Authority Software’s Report Authority is a feature-rich disclosure management tool allowing users to combine numeric information and textual commentary into documents such as financial statements, board reports and other financial reports. It allows users to take a templated approach, which means that multiple reports and entities can share common templates and can easily be converted into iXBRL reports.

Report Authority comes with its own in-built word processor modelled around the look and feel of Microsoft Word so users will find the interface familiar. Narrative reports are split into folders and document segments which aids navigation, organisation and presentation.

A key feature of the tool is the ability to embed dynamic data objects, using drag and drop to map data from underlying data sources to report destinations.

Users do not need to feed all of the data from underlying data sources and may rather choose to use the tools calculation capability. Calculations are based on the destination values, and not the source values, which means that rules regarding scaling, rounding and casting will also be inherited by the calculations.

Additionally, the powerful calculation functionality allows users to create more complex calculations using predefined variables, such as tax rates, to calculate tax charges or credits.  Narrative can even be automated by creating rules that interpret numeric information to populate text or phrases – such as “profit” or “loss”.

Validations are used to enforce integrity of data throughout the documents and users may either post corrections at source, or post adjustments in the document directly, with peace of mind that the document integrity is maintained throughout the process.

For those that require iXBRL tagging, simply drag and drop tags from the relevant taxonomy. Alternatively, Report Authority’s auto tagging feature can perform the bulk of the work and then users can apply the suggested tag utility in instances where more than one possible tag could apply.

Report Authority has roll-forward capability, which makes it easy to create new reports for each new period.

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