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AMANA was founded as a spin-off from the global accounting consultancy, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC), in 2011. They have since established themselves as one of the market leaders in the sectors of software and consulting for taxes, Disclosure Management, XBRL and leasing. Combining their understanding of software solutions together with services for accounting, controlling and taxes, they have integrated sustainable software solutions for a range of businesses across a multitude of sectors from family-owned right the way through to listed corporations.

In addition to more than 600 successful implementations, more than two thirds of companies in the DAX stock exchange use AMANA products.

Vendor Capabilities

In addition to Disclosure Management, AMANA provides a number of capabilities, including:

AMANA’s GlobalLeaseCenter is a web-based IFRS16 software that supports the calculation and booking of leasing contracts, the determination of notes, and the decentralised recording and administration of contracts.

AMANA’s end-to-end tax solutions, help shorten the preparation period by merging data from Excel spreadsheets and reduce complexity at the same time. Additional services cover all aspects of tax processes including annual financial statements through to declarations including:

  • GlobalTaxCenter Suite: Complete tax portal for the corporate tax department
  • VAT@GTC: VAT compliance and analysis across Europe
  • DAC 6: Europe’s mandatory disclosure regime for cross-border tax arrangements

Certified XBRL solutions for consistent reporting and XBRL reporting. AMANA’s close alliances with international organisations, ensures that their XBRL software solutions are always up to date with the latest taxonomies (whether ESEF, iXBRL or XHTML). Products include:

  • ESEF XBRL Tagger: Convert any MS Word, PDF, HTML, or InDesign document into ESEF and iXBRL-compliant documents.
  • ESEF XBRL Auditor: Simplifies the validation of ESEF and iXBRL reports.
  • XBRL Engine: Developed in Microsoft´s .NET Framework for recognizing, validating, and creating XBRL instances and taxonomies.
  • XBRL Portal: A web application for creation, managing, visualising and analysis of XBRL filings.

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Key Features

Product Description

SmartNotes, seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft office suite, allows you to produce anything from print-ready board or management report packs, to statutory and regulatory iXBRL tagged documents. This makes it ideal for an organisation of any size, including those with the most complex reporting requirements, like ESEF compliance.

Financial or statistical information can be imported from many common consolidation and ERP systems, including SAP, LucaNet, HFM and Cognos, as well as SQL Server data warehouses or Excel in a collaborative and controlled manner.

Documents are split into chapters and subsections, allowing users to work on different sections of the document concurrently.

The customisable SmartNotes Cockpit governs the user’s journey and gives a concise summary of the status of a document. Information is provided on the status of each section including when it was last updated and which sections are currently being worked on by other users.

Cross-chapter validation rules can be configured to ensure consistency throughout the document. Details pertaining to the number of validations that have been met are highlighted in the SmartNotes Cockpit.

Another powerful feature is the full audit trail. Every document’s ‘save’ and any associated comments are tracked. Opening or restoring previous versions is simple and a detailed comparison report can be generated to highlight differences between different document versions.

All fact tables within SmartNotes are defined and managed in a familiar Excel interface with ‘account like’ references which is a great differentiator for AMANA. This ensures that manual adjustments are carried forward to future year documents automatically, even when table structures change.

Chapter statuses are automatically updated when table figures change after running the data import wizard, removing any ambiguity over data updates. Users can then drill down into the detail of the changes, which are highlighted, making them easily identifiable. All this without having to open up a single word document.

SmartNotes allows users to produce iXBRL tagged documents. AMANA absorbs any taxonomy and allows you to tag elements using simple drag and drop functionality. The wizard also allows you to create any necessary taxonomy extensions. When rolling forward to a future year, all tagging rules are carried forward alongside your manual adjustments and validation rules. See more information on AMANA’s iXBRL capabilities here.

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