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Wolters Kluwer enables finance, legal, tax, and healthcare professionals to be more effective and efficient. They provide information, software, and services that deliver vital insights, intelligent tools, and the guidance of subject-matter experts.

Tagetik was initially founded in 1986 as a local consultancy based in Lucca, Italy. The Tagetik brand was launched in 2005 and has since earned a reputation for delivering the most trusted, comprehensive, and scalable Corporate Performance Management solutions available. It was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2017 and rebranded as CCH Tagetik.

The CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, is a unified platform that connects finance and operations and streamlines the consolidation & close, planning, reporting  & analytics, disclosures and compliance.

Vendor Capabilities

In addition to Solvency II, Wolters Kluwer’s CCH Tagetik product provides a number of capabilities, including:

CCH Tagetik provides a highly sophisticated consolidation solution that can address multi-entity challenges of global organisations.

CCH Tagetik’s planning solution brings together granular financial and operational data combined with driver-based modelling to deliver sophisticated planning requirements.

CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting software is a pre-configured starter kit that provides a lease accounting hub including data repository, calculation modelling, reporting, disclosures and workflow.

CCH Tagetik IFRS 17 is a pre-configured starter kit that provides the functionality to comply with IFRS 17’s requirements – including general, premium allocation, and variable fee models.

CCH Tagetik’s pre-built account reconciliation solution automatically reconciles accounts and provides alerts, templates and ageing views to standardise processes.

CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office integrates with Microsoft Office to create financial, statutory, management reports and disclosures including the automation of all checks and balances, while normalising and validating data.


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Key Features

Product Description

CCH Tagetik’s Solvency II pre-packaged solution (or PPS) is a cloud or on-premise solution for Solvency II Pillar 1 and 3. It’s a feature-rich solution well suited to all insurers, big and small. It is suitable as a standalone tool or as an extension to its unified Finance Transformation Platform for existing CCH Tagetik customers.

As a browser-based application with seamless Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint add-ins, it is both intuitive and highly customisable. Through the HTML browser, visual workflows can be customised to suit individual business processes.

CCH Tagetik caters for EIOPA, various jurisdictional requirements, and even Lloyd’s Solvency Reporting. Information can be prepared at a sub-entity or solo level and consolidated up to a group position.

Included is a powerful ETL capability to load data from any source system. Additionally, pre-built data entry forms can replicate QRTs and be accessed via the browser or Excel.

Pre-configured blocking and non-blocking validations replicate the taxonomy validations at point of entry and prevent locking of invalid data. Where these validation warnings and errors occur, CCH Tagetik offers full drill-down capability so that the exact cause and effect can be analysed. Rejections, submissions and approvals provide flexible control over the data capture process .

The PPS solution includes the full range of QRT and NST reports, formatted and notated according to the regulatory specifications. In addition, CCH Tagetik provides a range of other useful reports, including validation reports and QRT technical specifications. Users can create their own reports using CCH Tagetik’s powerful Excel-integrated report writer.

The application offers powerful audit features with all user activity, data and system changes being logged. Further, a combination of system roles and rights can be used to restrict users in any multitude of ways including by entity and by task. Some users may prepare data, others may only review or approve data. 

CCH Tagetik’s Collaborative Office provides a powerful Word-integrated disclosure management tool for narrative reporting such as the SFCR. This extension allows businesses to develop reports using a templated approach including concurrent multi-user collaboration.

Direct integration with the PPS ensures that data is taken directly from the source used to prepare the XBRL submissions. Numbers can be scaled, and adjustments posted with full audit trail, for example to manage casting variances. Validation rules can be applied throughout to ensure absolute integrity. When a new year is to be reported, a user can simply roll-forward the template and refresh the data with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Product Snapshots

Product Specification

Cloud, single-tenant Y
Cloud, multi-tenant
On-Premise Y
Regular Supervisory ReportingY
Third Country BranchesY
ECB AddonsY
Lloyd’s of LondonY
Bank of England IMOY
Bank of England NSTY
Central Bank of Ireland NSTY
Bermuda Monetary Authority
France NSTY
Netherlands NST
Belgium NSTY
Cyprus NST
Malta NST
Portugal NST
Data entry interface Y
Excel input Y
CSV input Y
Other text input Y
XBRL input
Other Y
CCH TagetikY
IBM Cognos Controller
Microsoft Dynamics
Oracle HFM
Oracle NetSuite
Oracle JDEdwards
Oracle PeopleSoft
OtherCoreFiling (Seahorse, Beacon)
Native user accessY
Same sign-on (Directory Server Authentication)Y
Single sign-onY
Multi factor authentication
Read / write restrictions by entityY
Read / write restrictions by activityY
Approver versus preparerY
Data lockingY
Data ConsolidationY
Guided WorkflowsY
Roll-forward functionalityY
Data storageY
SCR calculated for Standard FormulaY
Validation control at point of entryY
Business validationsY
Distributed taxonomiesY
Customisable validationsY
Prebuilt QRT reportsY
End user report-writerY
Data model customisationY
Narrative reporting (for SFCR and RSR)Y
Third party analytical reportingY
User loginY
User activityY
Data changesY
Data processingY
Metadata changesY
Data governance changesY
User training programme Y
User training materials Y
Administrator training programme Y
Administrator training materials Y
Technical support Y
Solvency II functional support Y
ISO 27001Y
ISO 9001Y
ISO 14001